In order to be considered for enrollment you must complete our student application.

To ensure that you are a great fit for the program, you must complete an aptitude assessment.

  • It is non-technical
  • We test for things like logical problem solving, rapid problem solving, vocabulary, typing, and personality traits.

Request your aptitude assessment here: 

This is where you inform us on how you plan to pay for tuition.

  • System Administration: $13,500
  • Cyber Cloud: $17,000

Whatever option you choose, you must apply with said entity, submit all your documents with them, and provide us proof of your application.

You must complete one of our Crash Courses:

  • Network Fundamentals – In this crash course we will cover the basic fundamentals of Networking. You have your choice between the Instructor Lead or Self-Paced option.
    • Instructor Lead Version
    • Self-paced Version

10% downpayment is required to secure your seat in the program.

  • System Administration: $1,350
  • Cybersecurity: $1,700

The only exception to the required downpayment are the following:

  • You have provided RCA with proof of 100% funding (i.e.: VA benefits, Project QUEST, Workforce Solutions Alamo, etc.)
  • You have been approved for and have signed a Skills Fund loan covering 100% of the tuition

Downpayment is refundable in the case that you receive full funding after placing a deposit.

Here we will ensure that your funding for tuition is approved and that the funding entity has completed all required steps.

Congratulations! You have a reserved seat in an upcoming class and you will receive communication regarding the next steps.

  • The cost of tuition is all inclusive to include books, exam vouchers, computer, etc.
  • The Friday before class starts, we will have an equipment pick-up time and orientation.
  • We will send out an email with the details as we get closer to that date.