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  • Sys Admin

  • Network Fundamentals: Build your network foundation. Learn the features and functions of networking components in preparation for the CompTIA Network+. Course includes Network+ exam prep and certification voucher.
  • Red Hat Systems Administrator: Start your journey into Linux by first learning key command line components, Linux concepts and deep dive into enterprise Linux Administration in preparation for the RHCSA. Course includes RHCSA exam prep and Ex200 certification voucher.
  • Webservers: Webservers will provide a foundation in the use and configuration of Linux webservers such as Apache. Beginning with an overview of basic webserver concepts, configuration and set up. Learn about virtual hosting, SSL basics and foundational level of knowledge on URL handling.
  • Relational Databases: Get introduced to the Structured Query Language (SQL) and relational databases. Learn the history and architectural of the open sourced database system MySQL, and basics of installation, and configuration.
  • WordPressing the Envelope: Build a good working knowledge of the WordPress content management platform.
  • Cloud System Administrator: Become familiar with key industry terms and concepts while building a foundation of cloud product knowledge.
  • Windows Support Fundamentals: Exposure to the Windows Operating System while learning basic command line utilities and tools to run from the command prompt. Gain a good foundation of technical support related topics using the Windows server environment.
  • Additional courses to include: NGINX, Intro to Debian, Intro to Bash Scripting, Intro to Strengths
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  • Cyber Security

  • Intro to Cyber Security & Network Security Fundamentals: A high-level overview of various aspects of Cyber Security including; an internet-connected environment and the foundations of Cisco IOS. Gain a perspective of the challenges of operating and configuring secure routes and switched networked environments.
  • CompTIA Security+: Covers the most important foundational principles for securing a network and managing risk. Learn technologies as it relates IT Infrastructure, their vulnerabilities and how to mitigate those threats. Course includes CompTIA Security+ exam prep and certification voucher.
  • Windows Support Fundamentals: Exposure to the Windows Server 2012 R2 Operating System. Learn server management functions using Server Manager and basic command line utilities and tools to run from the command prompt.
  • Packet Capture, Monitoring, Logs and Protocol Review: Exposure to Wireshark packet capture and protocol communications analysis. Learn to use Network Analysis tools to identify the most common causes of performance problems in TCP/IP communications.
  • Intro to Linux: A high-level overview of Linux. Gain exposure and get hands-on configuring and maintaining the Linux operating system.
  • IT Auditor, PCI-DSS in the Real World: An overview of security standards, the updated information security and technology audit requirements based on the ISO 27002/17799 standard. Gain an understanding of audit techniques and approaches.
  • CISSP: Exposure to a comprehensive course discussing the entire Common Body of Knowledge relating to Information Systems Security, as determined by (ISC)2. Course includes CISSP exam prep and certification voucher.
  • Future Proof of your Career in IT: Training in Agile, DevOps, and Rackspace Public Cloud technologies. Build Cloud based solutions and learn to deploy to Private or Public Clouds.
  • Additional courses to include: Intro to Strengths
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